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Cristian Popa

Solutions Developer


Originally from Romania, Cristian moved to the UK in late 2011 to study. After falling in love with the British weather, he decided to settle down after University.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer Games and Software Development, Cristian started seeking a career in the industry and saw IT as a suitable entry point. Throughout the years, he has worn many hats in various roles, including IT support, web development, software testing, design, prototyping and implementation.

Favourite pastimes include socialising (nights out are always welcome), spending time with his many pets, playing video games, cinema trips and working on his own video game whenever he can squeeze it in. During the summer, Cristian enjoys taking walks along the beach and swimming. 

Cristian Popa

Four most desirable dinner guests

Katherine Ryan
A brilliant comedian, leaves no subject undiscussed and would absolutely delight everyone at the dinner table.
Russell Howard
What’s better than one comedian? Two of my favourite comedians.
Derren Brown
He could provide the entertainment and convince everyone to do the washing up.
Henry Cavill
I’d like to ask him about the time he missed the call offering him the role of Superman because he was too busy playing World of Warcraft.
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