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Karim Descombes

Infrastructure Solutions Architect


Karim started as an IT Trainee repairing servers, computers and printers to component level. Working his way up through the industry and fulfilling every role imaginable, he is now an Architect and primarily designing and implementing solutions. Karim has earned many professional certifications throughout his long career in IT and is a current Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert in Public and Private Cloud.

In his spare time, he acts as a taxi driver for his two young daughters taking them to various clubs and activities which he also pays for. When not chauffeuring them around he enjoys spending time and relaxing with his long-suffering girlfriend.

Karim Descombes

Four most desirable dinner guests

Karl Pilkington
Doesn’t think about things like anyone else and I think he would hate the idea of a dinner party with strangers.
Jose Mourinho
The special one and the only manager to ever mentally own Sir Alex Fergusson.
Conor McGregor
Which McGregor shows up? The humble, loyal family man or the crazed master of physiological warfare? I know which one I hope!
Marco Pierre White
Who better to cook the food, plus he made Gordan Ramsay cry or as he said “I didn’t make him cry, Gordan choose to cry”.
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