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Lewis Green

Infrastructure Business Development Manager


Lewis is an experienced sales executive with a decade of experience working for major IT solutions providers. With a strong technical understanding he can consult businesses on how to better utilise IT investment to meet key business goals.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking for his family and has a passion for music.

Lewis Green

Four most desirable dinner guests

Heston Blumenthal
An inspiring chef that works against the status quo; ‘Question everything . . . If you don’t question things, there’s no knowledge, no learning, no creativity, no freedom of choice, no imagination.’
Delia Derbyshire
A pioneer of electronic music in the 60s and best known for the Doctor Who theme it would be amazing to understand how she created some iconic sounds.
Elon Musk
Whilst he may be a little contractual at times; it would be good to discuss his unflinching vision of the future.
Bill Gates
Maybe a little cliché working in IT, but it’s his philanthropy work following Microsoft that would be great to hear and his commitment to eradicate Malaria.
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