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Access Insight

Instant information, with Access Insight

Insight empowers you with data that is easy to analyse, enabling you to make quicker, smarter decisions on any database. With all your key business information in one place, your whole team is on the same page.
Access Insight solutions allows you and your team to:
  • compare, filter and share information quickly
  • present statistics simply and clearly
  • compare KPIs to analyse interrelation
  • access dashboards remotely online.
Better collaboration with Access

Coordinate your whole company, with Access Insight

Use Access Insight to collect important information about your business and display it clearly in one place. Share data instantly with people across your organisation using the dashboard system, with charts, graphs, tables and maps.Communicate ideas and start conversations about the information presented. Use sticky notes on the dashboard to leave clear comments and instructions.  

Instant information to maximise results

Businesses, who want a clear picture of what is working well and where improvements can be made, choose Access Insight.

A dynamic link to your system, Access Insight remains up to date, allowing your staff to act on current information. For sales, marketing, finance and distribution, forecast supply and demand to assist purchasing. Keep HR continuously informed of changes and share data instantly across your organisation.  

Mike Blunden, Head of Solutions, Enhanced Technology for Business

“The power of this business wide BI tool is that it shows you instant business indicators & and metrics with the ability to drill to detail where focus is needed.”

Mike Blunden, Head of Solutions, Enhanced Technology for Business


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