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SugarCRM® Using Salesforce?

Innovation, Flexibility, Value

Improve your customer relations management (CRM) by keeping all customer information in one easily navigated system. Host Sugar in the cloud and access the system from wherever you are, 24/7.

The SugarCRM system:
  • gives valuable oversight to aid business decisions
  • improves efficiency
  • improves the customer experience
  • increases marketing returns.

Increase sales today with Sugar

Save time, improve service, with Sugar®

Streamline your records by keeping marketing campaigns, customer profiles, conversations, orders and support calls together using Sugar.  Your marketing team can report on leads and sales records to determine which strategies work best to:
  • generate leads
  • plan and manage targeted marketing campaigns.
Through Sugar, enable fully informed, faster sales decisions to decide precisely where to invest and maximise your ROI:
  • monitor opportunities
  • focus sales efforts
  • drive revenue. 
By centralising all customer relations records, staff are able to efficiently handle queries. All customer facing staff have access to the same information and can pick up where the last conversation ended:
  • centralise tools for resolving customer support cases
  • view open cases and monitor support performance.

Sugar keeps customer relations sweet

SugarCRM software is one of the most widely used, affordable customer relations solutions.  Recognised for delivering exceptional solutions, in 2014 SugarCRM won a host of awards, including:
  • three CRM Market Leader awards
  • CRM One to Watch
  • the CRM Excellence Award.

The customisable CRM platform allows you to build your own applications and business process enhancements. In this way, your CRM system is a perfect, innovative fit for your individual needs.  Empower your sales and marketing team with essential information at their fingertips, allowing them to do the best job possible. 

Mike Blunden, Sales Manager, Enhanced

“The complete solution for Marketing, Sales and Customer Service that with full mobile and cloud basis gives every user the key tool to their role, with minimal clicks. Empower your staff and free your sales teams to get out in the field.”

Mike Blunden, Sales Manager, Enhanced


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