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Access Document Management

Complete document management, with Access

Access Document Management solutions stores all your business documents electronically. This makes them easier to share, search for and process, while saving valuable office space.  Within the Document Management software, allow groups of employees different levels of document access to protect sensitive data and share what’s relevant.  Improve customer service by reducing response time. With Access Document Management, staff do not waste time searching for papers when responding to enquiries.

Benefit from Document Management

Organised documents for logical storage

Access Document Management complies with HMRC regulations for the disposal of hard copies in favour of electronic. Legally become a paperless business with organised electronic filing.  Choose to store electronic documents yourself or cloud document management, saving even more space for your organisation.

Save time tracing documents with Access Document Management by:
  • adding searchable tags to files
  • storing a range of documents logically 
  • giving individuals/groups limited access only to relevant files.

Communication without confusion

Organisations choosing Access Document Management software save, on average, £2.40 per transaction. That’s £20,000 each year.  Access Document Manager links to Access Dimensions to enable clear communication without confusion. Instead of only receiving minimum details, click on a supplier and instantly see a digital image of their full purchase invoice for complete clarity.  With seamless integration to other Access portfolio products, Document Management helps your organisation perform at its best.  

Sue Willis, Purchase Ledger Assistant, Arts University Bournemouth

“This product has proved invaluable, the invoices are available to view online at the click of a button rather than having to retrieve them manually from a folder.”

Sue Willis, Purchase Ledger Assistant, Arts University Bournemouth


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