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HR & Payroll

Accurate accounts keep you ahead of the game

By keeping all your staff information in one place, while implementing security profiles to control access, authorised individuals all share the same, up to date records. Eliminate the need to chase paper across your organisation. Some payroll and HR solutions include pension auto enrolment. This feature ensures that your organisation meets new laws and enrols every eligible employee into a pension scheme. It also calculates employee and employer payments, so you’ll never fall behind.

Streamlined management of money and staff

Every organisation of any size must process accurate payrolls and effectively manage their human resources (HR). Payroll and HR solutions simplify systems and save administration, time and money. To cater to your organisation’s precise needs, choose from either payroll or HR modular software, or combine both for a complete solution. 

Carry out a host of payroll and HR functions, for example:
  • automatically calculate salary and deductions
  • make payments
  • automatically enrol staff into a pension scheme 
  • process National Insurance and P32s
  • submit real time information to meet PAYE requirements 
  • monitor length and type of absences 
  • keep comprehensive staff records in one secure location.

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