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Access SelectPay & Payroll SE



Access SelectPay & Payroll SE

The HMRC approved payroll solutions

Access SelectPay and Payroll SE bring together a suite of payroll functions that are approved by the HMRC. 

With SelectPay:
  • automatically enrol eligible staff into a pension scheme
  • make pensions payments as a fixed sum or salary percentage
  • make calculations including directors’ pay, National Insurance and student loan deductions 
  • PAYE, NIC and SSP tables are created in line with HMRC
  • manage taxable benefits & create electronic payslips.
Upgrade your payroll

Functional SelectPay grows with you

SelectPay integrates with other Access software to provide a comprehensive business solution. Calculations are based on real time information (RTI), ensuring you maintain control with an up to date overview.   A wide range of electronic forms are included as standard. Complete your P11D, P14, P45 (1 and 3) and P46 submissions with ease, in line with HMRC guidelines.

Access SelectPay is built on Microsoft SQL, meaning it is scalable and grows with your business. Add new staff and calculate complex pay patterns with ease.  SelectPay also generates a monthly report to give a clear summary of payroll information. It shows all monies due for PAYE and National Insurance, so you will never miss a payment.

Access Payroll SE

If your organisation has 350 staff or fewer, Access also offers Payroll SE.  HMRC approved, Payroll SE simplifies salary and wage processing, complying with SSP, SMP, SAP, SPP and all other statutory requirements.  By keeping comprehensive staff records secure in one place, Payroll SE calculates wages, including any deductions, prints payslips and creates weekly, monthly and annual reports.

1. Access SelectPay, September 2014  
Mike Blunden, Head of Solutions, Enhanced

“Ease of use and speed of processing are paramount in this Enterprise level MS SQL payroll, when processing larger payroll needs.”

Mike Blunden, Head of Solutions, Enhanced


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