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Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll & HR

Total payroll and HR control

Opera 3 Payroll & HR keeps all important staff information in one place to simplify staff management and ensure accurate payments.  Build comprehensive employee profiles and attach legal documents to keep all relevant information safe, secure and accessible to the right people.  Opera 3 calculates salary payments, including tax deductions, and handles full tax, National Insurance and P32 processing, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Efficient payroll and HR

Accurate payroll for precise payments

From managing personnel records to calculations, making BACS payments and printing payslips, Opera 3 helps you take control of your payroll. Keep track of all absences and spot trends over time to analyse the performance of employees.  Calculating salary for each staff member can be complicated. Opera 3 Payroll & HR systems manage a multitude of payments/deductions. Opera 3 also helps you to meet legal requirements for PAYE payments by submitting real time information (RTI).

Pension auto enrolment

Opera 3 Payroll & HR now supports the new legal requirement for all employers to offer a workplace pension scheme and contribute to it.  The software integrates with NEST, NOW and other pensions providers to simplify enrolment.  By categorising your employees into pensions brackets, automatically enrolling them and managing employee and employer payments, never worry about pensions payments again.

Payroll and HR solutions that cut administration

Saving your HR and finance departments hours of administration, complex payrolls are simplified with Opera 3 Payroll & HR, backed up with HMRC, PAYE and RTI recognition.  Let Opera 3 Payroll & HR take care of the hard work. By simplifying report production and automatically enrolling your staff in pension schemes, never worry about inaccurate reports or missed administration deadlines.

Sarah Davis, Accounts Administration, Wilmot Budgen Limited

“Opera Payroll & HR has enabled us to automate our day to day procedures, saving us time. It is incredibly easy and efficient to use. Enhanced have a well informed and friendly help desk.”

Sarah Davis, Accounts Administration, Wilmot Budgen Limited


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