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Simple, smart, secure

The Castrum Platform provides a highly-secure environment to capture and manage information from colleagues, customers and partners, moving it through a defined lifecycle.

The Castrum Platform:

  • increases business collaboration
  • improves efficiency
  • keeps your data safe
  • is simple to implement.

Improve your business processes today 

Data on a journey 

Proven in a variety of essential business processes, the platform enables you to capture validated information, process it in a secure environment, manage workflow, collaborate with key stakeholders, and then archive it for future review and audit.

The data journey:

  1. Capture information via freeform document upload, structured web forms or system integration.

  2. Encrypt information in both transit and situ for maximum protection.

  3. Analyse information to index, categorise and extract textual elements.

  4. Workflow - Manage information through a well-defined lifecycle with clear visibility of process performance.

  5. Collaborate around information with comments and discussions to keep everybody in the loop.

  6. Archive information, including a full tamperproof audit trail, for future search, retrieval and compliance.

Read more about Castrum’s innovative platform features here.

Harry Alsop, Business Application Owner at the Dixons Carphone.

“Castrum has a unique ability to capture information via its electronic forms and then manage it through a series of defined stages. The forms are flexible enough to cater for our broad range of scenarios, with validation and rules to ensure that we capture everything accurately up front. The workflow module then delivers this information to those teams within the organisation who are best suited to deal with it. Along the way, colleagues can review progress and collaborate quickly and easily when required.”

Harry Alsop, Business Application Owner at the Dixons Carphone.

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