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Enhanced Cloud Backup



Enhanced Cloud Backup

Complete peace of mind with rapid data recovery 

Secure and safeguard your data, with quicker restore and reduced recovery times, and run more frequent automatic backups.

Enhanced Cloud Backup combines industry-leading technology, delivering a secure, reliable and flexible online backup solution, backed up by an experienced and highly skilled support team.

Protect your business and safeguard its future

A platform that protects your work

With Enhanced Cloud Backup, you can run more frequent backups at times that suit you without impacting day-to-day business operations. More frequent restore points allow less data loss in the event of having to go back to an older restore point. For example, many organisations only backup overnight, so in the event they have to restore at the end of a working day they could potentially lose a whole day’s work.

Tailored approach from an experienced team

A tailored solution, designed to suit you and the needs of your business, with Enhanced’s experienced support team just a phone call away.

Secure storage

For many businesses the use of a ‘public’ cloud can still present a number of key concerns. These are mainly around where the data is stored, how quickly it can be restored, and who to contact to check a backup has worked. To give you complete peace of mind Enhanced only uses UK-based datacentres.

The platform has been developed by our experienced engineers using industry-led technology to provide a solution that is extremely reliable, highly secure and flexible. The platform supports a range of options to ensure ‘application-aware’ backups and quick recovery are all offered under a competitive and simple pricing model. 


Linda Scott, Hurleys

“We as a Firm have been with Enhanced for 16 months. During that time Enhanced have provided superb service. We have had a full IT upgrade including software, hardware and an enhanced internet connection/service. The team at Enhanced have been excellent during the consultation, installation and the after sales service. The ongoing support/advice provided by Jonathan Bush and the support team has been excellent.”

Linda Scott, Hurleys


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