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Enhanced DRaaS



Enhanced DRaaS

Make business continuity a top priority

You don’t need us to tell you how business-critical your IT infrastructure is. But without sufficient disaster recovery plans in place, you could be putting your organisation in a vulnerable position. Enhanced Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) has been designed to reduce your risk of system disruptions and business downtime when a disaster occurs. 

Get bullet-proof disaster recovery

A reliable and flexible DRaaS solution

The Enhanced Cloud DRaaS platform has been developed by our experienced engineers using industry-led innovative technology to provide a solution that is extremely reliable, highly secure and flexible. With a simple pricing model, the platform supports nearly all scenarios for disaster recovery ranging from on-premise to cloud, VMware to cloud, Hyper-V to cloud and public cloud to cloud.

Cloud isn't the only answer

Every business is different and for some, there are still barriers preventing them from moving their disaster recovery online. Whatever the reason, Enhanced offer a range of DRaaS options that are not a cloud-based service built on Azure Site Recovery.



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