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Barracuda Web Filter

The Barracuda Web Filter is a Best in Class Security Gateway, compatible with hardware or virtual appliances without per-user fees.

Allow your staff to utilise the internet safely, while blocking unwanted or dangerous sites and downloads.

This comprehensive web filter covers:
  • malware and virus protection
  • URL and application filtering
  • social media regulation
  • integrated remote device filtering
  • integrated reporting. 

Total web protection from Barracuda

It is essential to invest in an effective web filtering solution in order to protect your business and maintain productivity.

Barracuda Web Filter ensures complete security by:
  • protecting against multi-vector attacks
  • filtering inappropriate and malicious content
  • regulating as well as blocking undesired social media content
  • setting keyword alerts
  • protecting on and off-network devices and users
  • regulating bandwidth
  • offering visibility into all aspects of network activity. 

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The Barracuda range of business solutions

Complementing the Web Filtering solution, Barracuda’s range of business software also includes:
  • Spam Firewall – comprehensive email content security
  • SignNow – simple eSignature solution
  • Load Balancer ADC – high performance application delivery and load balancing.
Tobi Gowers, Finance Director, Glenside Healthcare Services

“Glenside is the second healthcare organisation that I have been involved with that have implemented the Barracuda web filter and I am impressed with its versatility and flexibility. The filter allows us to easily manage access to websites for different groups and security permissions. For example, for staff members we can limit access to sites that could affect productivity and for patients we can ensure that access to certain sites is restricted in line with care plans.”

Tobi Gowers, Finance Director, Glenside Healthcare Services


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