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Symantec Email Security.cloud

Total protection from email threats

Protect your business from email borne security breaches with Symantec Email Security.cloud.

Ensure that spam is neither received nor sent from your company and keep off email blacklists.

With built in self-learning capabilities, logging suspicious links confirmed as malicious, Symantec Email Security.cloud continuously protects you from new threats.

Improve email security today

Symantec’s reliable security solution

Symantec’s security system features link-following to ensure your business is protected from malicious attacks. By following all links to web pages referenced in each message, Symantec blocks emails if they link to a page containing malware.

Set Symantec to treat spam emails in one of three different ways. Block and delete suspected spam, quarantine the messages for review, or tag spam emails to clearly identify them when they reach your inbox.

Safeguard your communications using Symantec. Messages are held for up to 7 days in the cloud in case of an email server failure. Access your emails via the web and never let your customers down.

Trust Symantec for total email control

For over ten years, Symantec has been trusted with delivering cloud email security and management.

IT administrators manage quarantined emails before they are permanently deleted and edit blocked sender lists. This ensures staff always receive legitimate communications.

With a reduced risk of security breaches and less spam filling up inboxes, your staff are better able to focus on their jobs.

Jonathan Bush – Infrastructure Support Manager

“A good number of our clients have chosen to protect their network using Symantec Email Security Cloud and therefore taken advantage of its award winning email anti-spam/anti virus technology. With support for Office 365, Google Apps and on premise or hosted exchange, it really does offer wide support for a number of platforms.”

Jonathan Bush – Infrastructure Support Manager


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