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HP ProCurve

HP ProCurve Switch Series

The office has changed more rapidly in the last decade than at any time in history. Employees have greater mobility and need to be able to use their own device wherever they are. There is increasing use of video and greater demand on the network. More recently, cloud computing services have become the norm. So how do you deliver the office of today – and one that’s fit for tomorrow?

HP ProCurve Network Solution helps businesses design a network that fits their needs, whatever its size and complexity. Our networks connect applications, resources and users – regardless of the device and the location. Your people will be able to access private, public and hybrid cloud-based services simply and securely, enjoying full support for virtualisation.

For service users, the experience will be seamless. A business-grade network that brings your people together as if they were working in one site.

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Why choose HP Networking?

HP Networking has a complete enterprise campus and branch portfolio with broad global reach. It leverages more than one cloud provider to deliver enterprise, WAN and cloud solutions.

This end-to-end solution for the local, wireless and wide area network guarantees a robust and modular network which can be built up and scaled up as and when required.

If you’re considering building, or upgrading to, a high-performance network, our switching products offer a cost-effective solution.


The HP 2530 Switches Series provides security, reliability and ease of use for enterprise edge, branch office and SMB deployments. It’s cost-effective, reliable and provides secure access layer switches. Deployment is simple and you’ll enjoy stress-free management, security and an excellent level of service.


The HP 2920 Switch Series is a cost-effective, scalable solution for customers building high-performance networks. The switches can be deployed at the enterprise edge, in remote branch offices and in converged networks. They offer robust security and management, enterprise-class features, free lifetime warranty and free software updates.


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