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NetApp E Series

Flexible storage that grows with you

Streamline your storage with a cost efficient, flexible solution from the NetApp E-Series range.

The NetApp E-Series offers multiple drive technologies and disk shelf options to fit your business and suit your storage needs.

Looking forward, NetApp E-Series storage is scalable to match growth. Storage is simply tailored to your needs, now and in the future.

NetApp E-Series efficient storage

Budget-friendly storage fit for business

A cost effective storage solution, the NetApp E-Series is easy to manage and flexible to changing needs.

For entry and mid-level businesses requiring a simple storage area network (SAN) solution, the NetApp E-Series is best in class/performance.

NetApp E-Series intelligent cache tiering maximises efficient use of your storage. The solid state drive (SSD) cache feature makes use of high performance SSD space for your most frequently used data.

Cut storage costs, with the NetApp E-Series

With ever increasing demands for high performance data storage, choose a cost effective solution that it flexible to your needs.

NetApp is conscious of storage needs, while sensitive to space restrictions. The NetApp E-Series offers scalable solutions with minimal complexity and disruption.

Nigel Lunn, Infrastructure Engineer, Enhanced

“The NetApp E-Series storage platform has been specifically designed to handle high performance, resource intensive and highly transactional workloads. In addition to this, the platform is easily scalable allowing it to grow as your business does. All this combines to make the E-Series ideal for supporting key business applications.”

Nigel Lunn, Infrastructure Engineer, Enhanced


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