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NetApp FAS

The reliable solution for efficient storage, from NetApp FAS

NetApp Fabric-Attached Storage (FAS) solutions offer efficient, high-capacity storage to support your business.

With effective deduplication, compression and thin provisioning, NetApp FAS can reclaim and make use of up to 50% wasted storage.

Easy to manage, the NetApp FAS series enables reliable access to your saved data.

NetApp FAS reliable storage

Future proof storage for stress-free growth

Depending on the needs of your organisation, NetApp FAS offers a range of solutions to increase the efficiency and reliability of your data storage.

Looking forward, upgrade to a higher end NetApp system without changing the operating system or software tools. NetApp assists your business growth without time consuming retraining for a new storage system.

Cloud storage is becoming ever more popular and important to businesses. By choosing a NetApp FAS that runs Data ONTAP, connect your FAS system seamlessly to cloud services to increase your storage options.

Cost efficient, tailored storage - trust NetApp FAS

Is your business spending too much on its data storage? With NetApp FAS, large amounts of your current storage space can be used more efficiently, saving money.

See how much you could save on storage now, with our Efficient IT Calculator.

Free up time previously spent managing and checking storage systems and confidently rely on NetApp FAS.

James Cripps, Head of Infrastructure, Enhanced

“Implementing a NetApp FAS storage solution really helps improve your overall storage efficiency and gives you visible cost savings. With the addition of backup and disaster recovery features all built into a single solution, NetApp can really benefit your business whether you are an SMB or Enterprise.”

James Cripps, Head of Infrastructure, Enhanced


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