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VMWare vSphere

Efficient virtual machines, with vSphere

VMWare vSphere is the world’s leading virtualisation platform.

Create and manage multiple virtual machines from one server, enabling efficient use of memory and reducing operating costs.

To allow multiple virtual machines to run effectively side by side, vSphere manages resources according to set limits. Each virtual machine is ensured a share of memory, network and storage space.

Resourceful storage with vSphere

Virtual machine management made easy

Using virtual machines aids the organisation and productivity of business. Each virtual machine is portable and easy to manage, with its own operating system and applications.

With VMWare vSphere, download and copy entire virtual machines as a reliable backup system, keeping your organisation running, whatever the eventuality.

vSphere offers easy to use management of VMWare, allowing users to:
  • quickly set up storage
  • manage storage in the virtual environment
  • expand existing data stores
  • monitor data storage and growth
  • deploy simple recovery utilising virtual machine snapshots.

Improve VM management for peace of mind storage

If you require reliable, large scale storage for your business, making use of one or multiple virtual machines is the ideal solution.

vSphere simplifies virtual machine management, freeing up time for your IT staff while offering a peace of mind backup solution.

Carolyn Collins, Director of Domicillary Care, Care South

“Deploying VMware vSphere across our server environment has noticeable reduced our system maintenance windows and improved our uptime. We now also have the ability to easily scale the server environment without the need to invest significantly in extra hardware.”

Carolyn Collins, Director of Domicillary Care, Care South


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