Cyber Defence for Legal Services

Introducing Darktrace, using AI to better protect your legal business

Law firms and legal services providers have faced some of the costliest data breaches in recent years, due to financial penalties and a high rate of customer defection.

Inspired by the human immune system and powered by AI, the Enterprise Immune System can detect threats without requiring knowledge from past threats. It is a self learning system that identifies threats which bypass traditional security controls and that exist within the network. These include:

  • Zero day attacks
  • Subtle and stealthy attacks
  • Insider threat
  • Ransomware
  • IoT hacks
  • Cryptocurrency mining

Sample Darktrace FREE for 30 days

Darktrace in conjunction with Enhanced will setup a free trial that generates a threat intelligence report, providing insight into what has happened on your network over a 30 day trial period.

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Product Features

Threat Visualiser

Visualise activity across the entire digital business and proactively investigate and respond to significant threats in real time.

Autonomous Response

Stop the spread of in-progress attacks as the solution not only detects threats but can intervene to stop them in their tracks.

Threat Detection

Recieve a completly tailored threat intelligence report.

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