Powerful business intelligence reporting

Empower your business with insightful business intelligence reporting

With reliable business intelligence, your organisation can access key business information and seamless data analysis, enabling swift, informed decisions.  

  • Access and report on key information quickly
  • Compare and share information
  • Present clear and concise business reports
  • Track key KPI’s
  • Access real-time dashboards remotely
  • Gain 24/7 mobile device connectivity
  • Straightforward, simple implementation
  • Benefit from seamless system integration with finance, CRM and HR applications.

Why choose Enhanced to implement your business intelligence solution?

Enhanced takes the time to get to know your business and your ambitions, dedicating experience and expertise to ensure a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

  • We offer a free detailed needs analysis meeting (worth £900) to understand your business and objectives – and ensure an effective business 'fit'
  • We present our findings and demonstrate our bespoke solution
  • With a solution agreed, we implement the system, ensuring minimal disruption
  • We provide in-depth employee training to reduce learning curves and maximise efficiency
  • We also offer ongoing professional support, as and when needed.

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Our whitepaper offers additional information on Access Insight.


Access Insight
Key features and benefits.                                                                      

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