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Integrated Software – can it really fast-track my business growth?

The problems your business faces today

It is undeniably great news that things are looking up for the economy, but what does that mean for businesses that are conditioned to coping in a tough climate?

In order to survive the recession, you probably had to tighten your purse strings. This might have meant letting go of staff and working with a core team. It probably meant you invested little-to-nothing in your IT infrastructure, systems and processes for several years. Now that customers are buying again and you’re seeing sudden growth, how is your business coping?

It’s all very well multiplying custom but if you can’t keep on top of this extra workload, you won’t reap the profits. We’re living in a brave new world with an emphasis on e-commerce. It’s not simply a case of returning to ‘business as usual’.

Businesses with out of date systems waste money on rush orders and uncontrolled expansion of inventory. Now is the time to update your business software and cash in as the economy strengthens.

Is ERP enough?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one solution to the problem and is probably what would have been recommended to businesses before the recession. But things move at a faster pace now.

An ERP suite offers various bolt-ons for different areas of business, from supply chain through to warehousing. This solution gathers information and presents it in monthly, quarterly or annual reports.

Of course, these reports are vital for long term planning and reviewing but can’t possibly help with supplying demand that may change by the day…or even by the hour! You need to be able to react to real time information.

Why choose an integrated software solution?

Picture a software system that offers total visibility, close control and gives you the insight to react to changes in real time. Imagine if that software allowed all of your systems to work together and seamlessly share information.

Integrated software is built for the business world of today and fits seamlessly into your organisation. With no need to redesign the way your organisation functions, unless there is a business need, you are able to continue to function with minimum interruption.

We’re thrilled that developers have realised the disruption of sudden implementation and a great feature of these solutions is that they can also be introduced gradually. Again, this minimises the impact on day-to-day working habits and allows staff to acclimatise to new systems.

All of this means that your organisation is the one that will react fastest to new trends. Specialised, integrated software keeps you informed, in control and, crucially, ahead of the competition.

Access Business Software

Access offers tailored, integrated solutions to improve the performance of your organisation. Stay in control as your business grows, with full visibility in real time. Solutions from Access fit seamlessly into your current systems to boost productivity while minimising disruption.

Enhanced take the time to get to know your organisation’s pain points and key objectives, to recommend a tailored business solution to fit your business needs.

Get in touch to discuss how integrated software could improve your business systems or find out more about Access.

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