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Top five considerations when choosing your CRM

Five Essential Considerations When Choosing Your Business CRM System

A well-chosen customer relationship management (CRM) system can transform the way your business runs. Share essential information, save time and make money while delivering better, efficient customer service.

Which CRM system is right for me?

If you’ve decided that it’s time to make a CRM investment, how do you choose the best solution for your business?

There are several options available, so we’ve pulled together 5 top considerations to take into account to help you make your decision.

1. Security

Obviously, when thinking about CRM, security is of vital importance for both you and your customers. Many systems offer bank grade security, which usually means their web applications are SS-enabled (Secure Socket).

Although that’s good news because it adds security and is tricky to get through, wouldn’t you rather install a CRM system that offers more than this standard protection?

Check the fine print and see if the system includes hashed and encrypted passwords, data redundancy, IP access controls, robust permissions systems, or multi-step login authentication. If your CRM can offer this kind of extra security, add it to the shortlist.

2. User experience

Your shiny new CRM system, packed with endless features, is only any good if your staff can actually use it. Investing in a carefully chosen solution will be a waste of time and money if it’s confusing and difficult to navigate.

It makes sense for someone who will eventually use your CRM to give the new software a test drive. Use their completely honest feedback to see if it your team will happily adopt it and this will help guide your decision.

3. Scalability

A CRM system will help you to connect with your prospects and customers, deal with problems efficiently and generally do what you’re best at, even better. So, as business booms and your organisation grows, you need your CRM to grow with you. It would be frustrating (not to mention expensive) to buy new software in a few years’ time, so make sure you opt for a scalable solution.

4. Price

Upfront cost is always a tricky issue when making your software purchase. It may be tempting to go for the cheapest option but make sure you consider whether you’re getting value for money.

Find out what’s included and what will become an extra expense. Essential upgrades, training and other services will all add to the cost of your CRM.

Make sure that the system you choose will integrate into your current IT infrastructure. It would be devastating to buy a CRM system and then find it’s useless. It would be even more distressing to purchase cheap CRM and then have to invest in a whole new infrastructure!

Balance the benefits against the expense and you’ll find that a scalable, functional CRM system from a reputable vendor will pay for itself.

5. Clearly defined business objectives

Know what you want from your CRM system. Some software can be tailored to your specific requirements, which means you’ll get a relevant, highly useful solution.

Before you take the plunge, get as much input from the people who’ll use it as possible. Find out the kind of information that is currently generated and used to discover strengths and weaknesses that could be addressed in a new system.

When it comes to making your final decision, get some friendly advice from Enhanced. We can help tailor a solution based on your specific needs and to suit your working style.

SugarCRM and Access aCloud

Two of our preferred CRM systems are SugarCRM and Access aCloud CRM. Both of these solutions address all of the five essential considerations while also giving you the option to host your CRM in the cloud. This means that you can securely access crucial information whenever and wherever you may be.

Find out more about SugarCRM and Access aCloud CRM, and discover the CRM solution that works for you.

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