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Five steps to accounting success

Helping your accounts department out of a muddle will not only win you friends in that department but will help your business grow. Professional integrated accountancy software are fantastic tools to take care of the hard work. It simplifies processes and improves efficiency.

Access Dimensions is the choice of growing businesses and by following our five step guide it will ensure you hit the ground running, avoid disappointment and benefit from day one.

1. Plan before implementing

Once you’ve settled on your new solution, it can be all too tempting to rush into implementation. It’s important to consider how different software will affect not only operations throughout your business, but your staff and how they work.

Avoid confusion, frustration and potential accounting errors by giving users enough time to familiarise themselves with your new solution before full implementation.

2. Ensure staff training is complete

In order to minimise disruption and fully utilise your new software, give staff sufficient training and support. Investing in training at this stage will ensure that your business makes the most of all that Access Dimensions has to offer.

Our highly experienced consultants work closely with organisations at every step, ensuring staff are competent and confident in adopting the new system, before fully migrating.

3. Revisit the software guide to recap why each feature is so important

Remember the reasons that you selected Access Dimensions in the first place.

It’s easy to forget all the benefits of Access Dimensions when the time comes to start using them. With the excitement of switching solutions, ensure these benefits aren’t forgotten. Review the features that appealed to you and deploy them now.

Enhanced provide award winning customer support and consultants, who are dedicated to helping your organisation maximise from these benefits. A whole host of resources, webinars and regular product news are at your fingertips.

4. Adopt a project manager

Task a member of your team to take charge of your accountancy software and its transition. In delegating, you are sure that someone is taking responsibility for the solution’s smooth integration into your organisation. All the while you are left reassured and can focus on your business.

5. Stay flexible

Implementing any new business solution will inevitably have an impact on your staff and transform the day-to-day running of your business. This is ultimately a good thing but it may mean that you need a flexible approach to achieve your goals and allow for successful adoption.

Don’t stick rigidly to a timeframe that becomes impossible to manage. If staff require more training or you encounter unexpected delays, don’t be scared push back your deadlines. It is far better to ensure everyone is up to date and confident, than rush into changes that will have a negative impact later on. 

Our team will work with you to create a realistic schedule based on your requirements and existing business infrastructure.

Enhanced specialise in identifying and translating key business ambitions, finding the perfect solution to help achieve your goals with minimal disruption.

For further information about Access Dimensions, contact a member of the team on 01202 308000.

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