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Take control of your project management

Could your business benefit from simplified, personalised project management?

Allow us to introduce you to Access FocalPoint. This module-based solution works with Access Dimensions to support every element of your project management in order to simplify workflow. Here’s how it works…

Pick ‘n’ mix modules

Access FocalPoint is made up of modules and each one is specialised to perform a particular task. For example, the Timesheets module allows your staff to access and update timesheets along with any related expenses, from wherever they may be. The Workflow Forms module simplifies data capture and improves the visibility of data throughout all your departments.

Select only the modules that will benefit your business and complement the way you work. In this way, Access FocalPoint becomes your very own, specialised project management tool. You don’t have to pay for any extra software that you don’t need.

Built to fit

Once you’ve chosen the modules you want, customise them even further. Each module is workflow-controlled, allowing you to decide precisely what information is captured and how it is processed.

One of the reasons that FocalPoint makes such a great project management tool is because it’s so highly customisable.

No hiding places

Nothing slips through the net. Access FocalPoint improves the visibility of project elements throughout your whole business. Arm your staff with information to get them working together towards the same goals.

FocalPoint is also browser based, so it is available anytime, from anywhere. With the option to access essential information whenever you need it, you are able to make timely, profitable decisions with full visibility.

Complete control

We could all benefit from a little help keeping our projects on track. Amongst the many modules available, the specific Project Management module has many functions to give you complete project control, including:
  • Full costs visibility
  • Budgets based on precise needs
  • Simplification of materials and labour administration
  • Access to project documents anytime, anywhere
  • Allocation of project visibility on a user basis
  • Purchase requisition control and approvals
  • Expense Management and cost control
  • Prompt, accurate invoicing
  • Support for occasional and/or remote users as well as in-office staff.

With all essential project management information delivered in a clear and easy to use format, the Project Management module is a popular choice.

Prepared for change

As your business grows and changes, your software requirements will, too. Access FocalPoint’s highly customisable design means that it can simply scale with your organisation.

Choose and use only the modules that are relevant to you now with the option to build your FocalPoint suite as and when you need to. That way you are always assured of the exact support you need without spending extra money on superfluous software.

Find out more

If it sounds like FocalPoint could benefit your business and make life easier, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk about how the suite can help you and your precise requirements.

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