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With the economy now moving in a more positive direction, businesses across the UK are beginning to feel the warm glow of renewed growth.

But as some are discovering, it’s not a guaranteed bed of roses. The recession has meant that many organisations have had to review their staff head count while ploughing little in the way of investment into systems and processes. This means their business systems are running on near empty as they hurry to take advantage of new opportunities.

But before businesses rush to spend money, they should pause. While we’ve all been hard at work and weathering the storm, the business environment has changed dramatically. There is no doubt that organisations need to invest, but they also need to evolve.

Life’s faster – we need to catch up

These days, demand can spike in a matter of minutes as social media has an ever more dramatic effect on consumer behaviour. Businesses need systems and processes that have the ability to react to demand changes in near real time.

According to research carried out by The Access Group, far too many businesses still rely on old fashioned, disparate functions for procurement, production, warehousing and distribution. And of the total number of organisations surveyed, almost half used nothing more sophisticated than spreadsheets to run and manage their supply chains.

Working in the dark

There are other implications. The survey suggests that one in four financial professions are in the dark as to the true cost of wastage, rework, returns, distribution and labour costs. Similarly, there’s simply no way to know how rush orders, discounting and service costs affect the profitability of their product lines.

So what are the solutions?

Pre-recession, many businesses were recommended accountancy and ERP solutions, but historically these have had a reputation for being both expensive and disruptive to install. ERP can also be seen as an aggregator – taking all the individual parts of a supply chain and combining them into reports on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Useful, but by the time you’ve sat down and analysed the information, the world has moved on.

Luckily for you, there are now alternatives. New specialised software takes on board the need for each software application to integrate smoothly with neighbouring departments and, on the whole, does not require a major redesign of the production process. In short, you’re looking at systems that allow you to

  • Enjoy total visibility, close control and the ability to react to real-time changes
  • Meet demand without inflating inventory
  • Access faster reporting for real-time analysis
  • Work with a system designed around your needs

Enhanced specialises in eliminating disruption to businesses throughout the implementation process. So in a world where every opportunity needs to be grabbed, you will be taking advantage of growth in no time.

For further information on how Enhanced can help you revolutionise your supply chain, contact a member of the team on 01202 308000.

Research carried out on behalf of The Access Group, 2014

Author: Mark Hallett, 1 July 2015

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