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What do our customers really think?

Many businesses want to believe they are meeting customer needs. But all too often, they don’t take the time to actually ask customers what they think of the service being offered.

At Enhanced, we believe that talking to customers is the only way to be sure we are delivering exceptional, award-winning customer service. By asking customers what they expect and how they perceive our offering, we can build a clear picture of the service we provide – and highlight any areas to further enhance the overall customer experience.

So in June, Enhanced conducted an annual customer satisfaction survey asking our key customers to provide feedback on each area of the business. To gain valuable customer insight, the survey was segmented by key service areas within the business, including customer support, consultancy, account management and products. This guaranteed meaningful insight into what areas of the business could be developed to exceed customer expectations.

The results are now in and, judging by the response, there is lots to celebrate.

We are thrilled to announce that the overall satisfaction rating across each service area is 4 out of 5 and, when asked how satisfied customers were with the products Enhanced had implemented within their business, 74% of our customers awarded us 4.5 out of 5.

The good news continues with our clients identifying time efficiency, security, reduced downtime and automation as the most common benefits Enhanced have helped improve within their business.

The survey also offered clients an opportunity to feedback on any additional services they would like Enhanced to offer moving forward. 73% of our customers have asked for an annual business system review, something we have previously provided on an ad-hoc basis and are now looking to potentially roll-out annually.

Building on our existing program of seminars and webinars we are pleased to hear that our customers value the importance of our industry expertise and would like us to run more workshops to cover top tips and information about upgrades. Taking this feedback on board, we are now committed to running beneficial monthly customer webinars.

Finally, we are particularly pleased that, when asked how they’d describe Enhanced, customers summarised us as ‘supportive’, ‘excellent’, ‘efficient’ and ‘knowledgeable’. It truly attests to our award-winning customer service and our determination to put clients’ needs first. Needless to say, while the survey has given us much to celebrate, we won’t be resting on our success. We will continually strive to exceed expectations and ensure the very best service for all our clients.

To view further customer survey results, please download our infographic.

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Research carried out by Enhanced Technology for Business, 2015

Author: Mike Blunden, 10 August 2015

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