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My time at Enhanced

Jarvie WardAt the time of writing this blog, I have been with Enhanced for eight months. As with any new start to a company there were the usual teething issues but as of now I have passed probation with flying colours, consistently hit target on a monthly basis and I am set for exciting and new challenges in the year to come.

I work directly with Mark Hallett, the Head of New Business Sales, and am personally tasked with engaging prospective clients in conversations relating to either software solutions, infrastructure or consultancy based opportunities. I arrange initial meetings between relevant parties within prospective businesses, to meet with Mark and discuss their options.

In my day-to-day role I tend to focus mainly on the solution side of the business; engaging in discussions with specific contacts within companies around ERP requirements, CRM needs and a multitude of other options to choose from. I have had enormous help from my colleagues. They believe in and work by the company’s core values: ambitious, efficient and supportive. When recruiting, it is using these three core values that help the company find the right calibre of people.

I have received tremendous training and constant assistance where required. A good working knowledge of the company’s goals and ambitions from the start and an efficient induction to the company outlining the products that we sell, has made me feel comfortable in the role and satisfied that the company are definitely doing the right things for both employees and customers.

As part of my ongoing support and development plan, I am looking to make the move to a more client centred role. This will see me take on more responsibility as I develop my skills and become more comfortable with our product set. This will likely see me handling a select pot of infrastructure clients and opening up the conversation to have a much broader criteria around other areas of need for the business.

Having been at Enhanced for only eight months, I am more than happy with the level of progression I’ve shown and the new skills I’ve picked up. I am excited to use these new skills to a greater extent in the future. I am really looking forward to 2016 and am eager to grow with Enhanced, as Enhanced, as a company continues to grow.

Author: Jarvie Ward, 15 January 2016 

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