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The Experience of joining Enhanced

My first memorable experience of joining Dorset’s award-winning business technology solution provider was the normally feared interview process.

For me, the process was efficient from start to finish with clarity and great communication throughout. Laura Cox, HR & Talent gave me guidelines during the course of the process and once confirming me a position within the company, aided me throughout. Therefore, before I began, I knew how professional and well-presented Enhanced were as a company.

Second, to the great interview process. Mark Hallett, Head of New Business, made me feel very welcome and comfortable throughout. Before I started, he arranged an evening meeting in a social environment where we could discuss expectations and the culture of the company. What a great way of communicating with new starters and something I hope to replicate in my career (if I ever make it to Manager).

On my first day I arrived feeling at ease, knowing of the great company culture. I was introduced to all the directors, which is rare within companies and a nice touch. To meet each director face-to-face was an amazing experience and made me feel very much at home.

My calendar for the first week was filled with meetings and training sessions which could be daunting to some people, however, everyone was very friendly and supportive which helped me settle and allowed me get my head stuck into the job at hand.

I studied International Business Management at university where I made a conscious decision to include as many technology based modules within my studies as possible, as I knew I wanted a career within the IT industry. Enhanced has given me the opportunity to follow my career ambitions as I am now employed with them as a New Business Sales Executive. Within my limited time at Enhanced, I have been welcomed into the team by every member of staff and feel as though I already fit into the Enhanced culture.

The IT industry is one which is ever evolving and changing and I feel as though I am around extremely professional colleagues. I am sure they can help me to adapt to the pressures of change and guide me through the new chapter in my career. I am convinced that I have joined a fantastic company who have a great culture and work ethic. They invest time in their employees to ensure a professional service is offered to all their clients.

Author: Oliver Stewart, 13 January 2016

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