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There is no such thing as a typical day in the life of Dionne

When asked to describe the typical day in the life of Dionne I panicked! There is no such thing! 

For the first half an hour of my day there is structure. I come into the office, prepare the list of visitors for the day and ensure they have marked car parking spaces and are recognised on the welcoming television screen. Then log onto the bank and print out the statements, allocating payments and cheques to be authorised. From then onwards, who knows, the day takes a shape of its own as the telephone starts to ring, emails pour in, post arrives , visitors arrive and numerous members of staff start their daily requests of “ How can I, Where is , Will you , Have you and generally HELP!” But do you know I love it!

Of course during the day I have set tasks to be done which include dealing with the post, credit control, handling expenses, payroll upgrades, purchasing and arranging meetings and catering, but it is the unexpected that I relish and the knowledge that no two days are the same and that I am busy, busy, busy!

I am lucky enough to be the first point of call for all visitors, whether on the phone or visiting our offices. Recently I have moved to the front reception and I am only too delighted to be the welcoming smile of every one that comes in and out of the building with the knowledge that it is first impressions that really count. Whether it is the postman, delivery guy, contractors, staff or visitors, I want to be there with a welcoming smile and helpful persona.

One thing I have learnt is that you never know who is going to be on the end of a phone, may be a cold call, may be a nuisance call but it may be a potential buyer or important customer, every call has to be answered with a smile and a patient listening ear.

Favourite part of my job, my colleagues and being able to help. I love the variety and constant challenges that every day brings. If you want routine then this is not the job for you!

Time to go home then the routine begins, walking Fred the Pug, getting supper ready and clearing up before bed! Alarm set.

Alarm rings, wakey wakey, now what is that typical day in the life if Dionne going to bring today!

Author: Dionne Ferris, 28 March

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