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CRM - more than just sales

There is far more to CRM than just sales

CRM has long been credited with giving organisations a holistic view of customers – both existing and potential. It offers a level of insight that helps businesses develop incentives and offerings, encouraging customers to buy more products or services – and remain loyal.

Modern CRM solutions are now increasingly able to use big data analytics to deliver even deeper levels of customer insight through a whole raft of channels.


Whether it’s web, mobile, email, social media or e-commerce, there are so many more ways to observe the customer’s interactions with a given product or service – delivering deep insight on financial transactions and customer queries. It gives a true 360 degree view of customer behaviour.

However, your organisation does not need to be sales driven to benefit from a CRM system. Enhanced recently won a CRM contract with an organisation that does not actually sell anything. The Property Ombudsman was looking to replace its old, worn out complaints management system and a CRM solution was the perfect fit. The main requirement was for a single point of contact for the whole organisation, its members and complainants.

Enhanced not only provided a solution that ticks the complaints management box, but was also able to solve the issue of a disparate member’s services department, replacing different legacy systems with one robust solution.

Spelling out the benefits

The truth is, modern CRM systems represent change, which is always scary. So we thought it would be useful to spell out the benefits.

  • Benefits the whole organisation by delivering efficiency savings, real-time reporting, mobile functionality and a 360 view of the customer
  • Collaborative CRM allows sales to understand support/maintenance issues and vice versa, meaning one song sheet for the whole organisation
  • Allows the delivery/implementation teams to follow the sale in a joined-up fashion
  • Sheds light on customer insight, including transactional histories
  • Aligns sales and marketing by reporting how each function is performing
  • Helps develop new sales and marketing strategies, with specific, realistic, attainable and measurable objectives
  • Helps the organisation prioritise through segmentation
  • Automates simple repetitive tasks and processes, freeing up employees
  • Improves campaign management through transparent metrics associated with projects and campaigns

All CRM systems should help the whole business to work collaboratively, as partners. Once CRM is aligned with a high level of system integration across an organisation, departments can become even more efficient and profitable.

To find out more about modern CRM solutions and their benefits, contact one of the Enhanced team today.

Author: Mark Hallett, 11 May

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