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Enhanced Day - Ideas in action

Once per quarter Enhanced holds a team building day, where our key objective is to look at how we can develop our three company values; Ambitious, Supportive and Efficient.

It provides an environment where ideas can flow, giving everyone a voice and the ability to engage - it’s the perfect platform to bring our values to life.

It’s been an exciting work in progress. We have experimented with various formats - from a charity sale, to a guest speaker running an ideas workshop, and most recently a day led by the team from the newest addition to the Enhanced Group, Castrum.

The Castrum solution provides a secure portal for business smart forms, process management, work flows and document management; for both internal and external users. With clients such as Dixons Carphone deploying the platform across all facets of their business, and its wide remit of sectors and processes it can benefit, it brings with it the exciting challenge of where it can help businesses next.

The Castrum team presented a “Beginner’s Guide” on what the platform does and how it does it. We then broke in to teams to explore and present some possible ways this amazing new product could be applied to different sectors. There’s nothing like a team project to get everyone sharing their thoughts, creative ideas and have a lot of fun. It was an excellent day! Everyone interacted with each other in a different way than they would on a normal day at work. I felt the day left a positive buzz behind - hard to quantify but nonetheless, we were all aware of it. Companies ultimately are people, and how they react and interact with each other and customers is the key to their success or failure. 

So watch out for Castrum being successfully deployed across many industries soon!

I thought it was a hugely successful day in many ways, and a great lesson in manifesting ideas and seeing what unfolds.

Thanks to all those involved, what are we doing next?

Author: Joseph Stern, 23 May



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