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Growing pains

Mark HallettEnhanced is growing. Fact.

That’s good right? Well it is excellent in terms of the business growing both through organic means and our recent acquisition in a controlling stake of Castrum.

But there are unexpected pains with growth. Some pains are more like growing twinges, but nevertheless there are some pains that need addressing:

Smelly Sausages!

Yep, you read that correctly, smelly sausages! Just when you have an understanding with your colleagues that everyone abides to the rule of not leaving smelly food in the fridge, along comes a newbie who wantonly abandons their smelly sausage.

Noisey Neighbours.

So everyone knows if you add more people to an organisation the noise levels raise. It’s simple. It just happens. However, all of a sudden you become aware of your own noise level as the sound level of the floor rises. You start seeking new hiding places, which leads me to…

Reduced Space.

When we moved to our current location 4 years ago, we were rattling around a larger space than we were used to. Now however, we have people occupying spaces that were free before. Looking for a spare office for “quiet time” becomes more and more challenging.

Hopefully you will have addressed some of these growing pains in your business.

Joking apart, for Enhanced, it is a very good time to be involved with our business and the addition of new skill sets to the business creates exciting opportunities.

Smelly Sausages will disappear (into the bin!), Noisey Neighbours and I will find a sound level that is acceptable to all, and over time Reduced Space will lead to looking for larger offices, but in the meantime we will get used to booking meeting rooms!

Author: Mark Hallett, 3 May

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