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SugarCRM vs Salesforce

In 2016, SugarCRM remains the most popular CRM comparison to Salesforce due to the fact that both solutions have similar features and benefits. However, when looking at pricing, there is a clear winner - let’s have a look at why.

With SugarCRM, you have the capability to edit, drag and drop modules so they are completely customised to an individual’s needs. With Salesforce, modules are controlled from behind the scenes within the admin panel. SugarCRM is open-source, meaning that any developer has access to the source code Sugar is built on, whereas Salesforce is locked down and written in APEX. This means only developers who understand APEX can customise Salesforce, therefore a tailored deployment with SugarCRM can be seen as a more affordable option.

Salesforce and SugarCRM greatly differ in deployment. Salesforce is deployed in a single-tenant fashion, while SugarCRM is multi-tenant, meaning that every user gets their own unique URL login. This means SugarCRM can be implemented on an individual basis, and can therefore be installed on-premise. Salesforce can only be hosted in a single-tenant cloud, which means you cannot own the software yourself.

SugarCRM provides every user within the business with valuable customer insight, enabling a consistent customer experience every time. With SugarCRM all users within your company will be able to engage successfully with all their customers/partners at any time, and from anywhere, using a variety of devices, including mobile.

SugarCRM has all the functionaliy you would expect and need from a CRM solution, from dashboards and reporting, to quotes and marketing. All of this is available at a starting price of £28 pounds per user, per month (with no hidden charges or bolt on features). In comparison to Salesforce - with the new 40% increase to their pricing structure - starting at £120 per user, per month*, that is a massive price difference of £92 pounds per month, per user (£1104 per annum).

A typical example of this would be a 20 user company, who will be likely to be paying an additional £22,080 per annum for the use of Salesforce over SugarCRM. Perhaps now is the time to seriously consider looking at SugarCRM?

For further information, please refer to our comprehensive CRM comparison infographic

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*Channel register, 23 May
Author, Oliver Stewart, 02June

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