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The evolution of technology

The other day, someone mentioned would I like to do a ‘blog'? Having been in technology for a few years, my question was obviously, what does the word ‘Blog’ stand for. So off to my first port of call – Google – where I enlightened a few people with a history lesson – 'Web Log = BLog’. That made me think – what did we do before google and how technology helps us – whether at work or in our daily lives.

Some people who know me know that one of my passions is fast motorbikes and over the past years the developments have been quite amazing. My latest bike is completely computer controlled – when you accelerate you just tell the computer by turning the throttle and it does the rest. And with this comes a raft of safety features where the computer does most of the work which I would not have dreamed of when I first started out biking – I just have more enjoyment of driving. Admittedly, when they do go wrong there is not much I can do but my local dealer is trained to sort these out (probably using their computers) so I don’t have to worry.

And this is a bit like our business world. We supply ever more complicated and efficient systems that make life easier and take the worry out of everyday processes, so you can put your time into business matters rather than spend time creating reports etc. Like my local motorcycle dealer, we are constantly moving forward with learning new technologies so we can provide a better service and if there are problems, we can get them sorted so the customer doesn’t have to worry.

Incidentally, I was going to do this in the format of a ‘phone text' until I realised there would only be 160 characters, and interestingly, that is another technology story of efficiency – perhaps I will save that for another day.

Mark Pollock, 20 June

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