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Top three benefits of using a tailored CRM system

Companies who offer customer loyalty initiatives are known to increase their brand’s market share by 20%1. Research also shows that 81%of consumers are more likely to continue doing business with companies that use a loyalty programme.

The key to building successful loyalty-based communication is being able to gather, analyse and act on customer data in one readily-accessible platform.


However, when like many companies, you use multiple media channels and IT systems to collate your customer data, implementing such a platform can seem a little daunting.

Nurturing customer relationships is not something you can afford to ignore when 47%of customers say they would take their business to a competitor within a day of experiencing poor customer service.

Enhanced is highly experienced in working with businesses to develop bespoke customer relationship management systems (CRM), enabling businesses to store customer information and interactions in one easily navigated location. This frees up valuable time and resource enabling your marketing and customer service teams to focus on delighting customers and increasing sales, ensuring your company gets a return on its investment.

At Enhanced we provide one of the most widely used and affordable customer relationship solutions, SugarCRM. Here are three ways this technology could benefit your business and help to build customer loyalty.

1. Better performance, boosted sales

A tailored CRM system will provide you with a clear overview of marketing performance so you can easily track sales, capitalise on opportunities by analysing trends, and increase sales using personalised, relevant and targeted channels.

2. Save time, impress clients

By keeping all customer information in one place, staff can instantly pick up from where the last conversation ended and tailor their communication accordingly without needing to speak to other teams.
You can also impress clients by using their preferred method of communication such as email or text to send them location-based notifications. “iBeacons”, for example, recognise smartphone users as they walk past or through a shop or venue. This enables you to add value to your brand experience by providing timely and targeted messaging to customers in or near your premises.

Combine this with a loyalty app (where you’ve already collected initial demographic data) and you can gather rich data on exactly who is experiencing your brand and receive real-time segmentation of your customer base.

3. Mobile access, constant contact

The SugarCRM solution can be hosted in a cloud-based environment so you can access the system from wherever and whenever.

This means any member of the team can access essential customer enquiries on the go via a laptop, smartphone or tablet and never leave a client waiting.

The software can also be deployed to give your customers the best mobile experience by offering free Wi-Fi on your premises for them to access exclusive deals. Researchsuggests half of retail customers decide where to shop based either on the quality of mobile signal or the availability of Wi-Fi in-store. In-store Wi-Fi registration enables you to collect data on footfall, browsing activity, and customer demographics.

You can also link this data to a loyalty programme that rewards your customers for repeat visits or purchases like one of our customers, Urban Guild.

Enhanced worked with Urban Guild, a family of venues providing exceptional food and hospitality in Boscombe, Bournemouth and Poole, to provide a bespoke CRM system that links all its data and offers a customer loyalty programme, the ‘Hug Club’.

If you’d like to find out more, watch our Urban Guild case study and find out how they’ve revolutionised their customer loyalty strategy through the use of technology.

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For further information on using a tailored CRM solution such as SugarCRM, contact a member of the team on 01202 308000.

Author: Mark Hallett, 12 September 2016

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