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Getting the very most out of your data

Information is the lifeblood of an organisation, so safely capturing it, and processing it effectively and efficiently is critical.

At Enhanced, we believe that, by moving information through a defined cycle, we can ensure seamless, secure adoption – keeping your data safe and accessible, for maximum advantage to all.

It’s essential you retain end-to-end management and visibility of your information through its entire lifecycle, even when working with third parties outside the corporate firewall. One of the simplest ways to highlight bottlenecks is with easy-to-read dashboards, helping you to streamline this process.

We define the data journey through the following stages:

1. Capture

Information can come from a variety of sources – whether it’s emails, spreadsheets or scanned documents. Collated incorrectly, information can all too easily get mislaid, resulting in lost productivity and unhappy customers. Ensure information is captured up-front, through a freeform document upload, structured web forms or system integration.

2. Encrypt

With hackers and cybercriminals getting bolder by the day, encryption has never been more important. Bruce Schneier, Cryptographer, Privacy and Security Specialist, says: “Encryption works best if it is ubiquitous and automatic. It should be enabled for everything by default, not a feature you only turn on when you’re doing something you consider worth protecting.”* Ensure information is automatically encrypted in both situ and transit for maximum protection.

3. Analyse

Information can be overwhelming, resulting in lost man hours. Ensure your data is analysed so that it can be indexed and categorised (and textual elements extracted), and distributed to the right people.

4. Workflow

Information should be managed through a well-defined lifecycle, with clear visibility throughout, ensuring you can easily identify critical bottlenecks – such as resource allocation or parts availability – to pre-empt potential costly problems.

5. Collaborate

With complex flows of information, you need to be sure the right people see it at the right time. Sharing information is key, with a log of comments and discussions, enabling your business to keep everybody in the loop and collaborating effectively.

6. Archive

Even when a distinct task or process is finished, it may need to be revisited for future learning or assessment. Safe and secure archiving enables future search, retrieval and compliance.

Data is essential to your organisation. The Castrum Platform, helps manage the data journey, from start to finish, helping improve process efficiency and visibility.

To find out more or discuss your information requirements with a member of the team, call 01202 308000 or email info@enhanced.co.uk today.

Author: Mark Hallett, 31 October

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