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What a difference a year can make

What a difference a year can make,
First an interview, then the formal shake.
Given the tools, given the chance,
Enhanced have allowed me to advance.
It’s been a year of change so far,
We’ve found a house, and bought a car,
In the last 12 months I’ve come so far
I must have grown up, how bizarre!


My colleagues know I try my best,
I’ve make mistakes, just like the rest.
Yet everybody here is so supportive of me,
We work as a close team, so efficiently.
I’ve started to feel like I really belong,
Love the good and bad days, short and long.
With Ambitious colleagues, the best I’ve ever had,
The move to Enhanced makes me feel so glad.


The other news, I’ve a new arrival on the way
A brand new family member, I hear you say?
Yes, a tiny little baby girl, is coming to stay
To make my life complete in every way.
Due the last day of November, I can hardly wait
I know I have a lot on my plate
But instead of going completely mad,
I’m just so terribly excited, to become a dad.


Thank you Enhanced for the opportunity,
To change my life, so totally.
My friends, my colleagues and my family
They mean the world to me so absolutely.
There have been times when I’ve been worried, a little bit stressed
But now I know I work with the best.
Another year, more challenges in store
Last year I wouldn’t have believed it, now I can ask for no more.

Author: Josh Wolfe, 24 October

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