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The battle for the best Christmas advert

By far the most anticipated advert of the year is the famous John Lewis advert, costing the retailer £1 million to make, with a further £6 million being spent on buying TV advertising time to air it. Craig Inglis, Customer Director at John Lewis said: “2016 has certainly been quite a year, so we hope our advert will make people smile”.*

Although every year John Lewis release an advert that tells a story which truly tugs on your heart strings, it seems, particularly this year, they face some tough competition. The battle for the best Christmas advert is expected to cost UK companies around £5.6bn! **

A new contender this year appears to be Aldi, with their inspired retelling of ‘The Night Before Christmas’, featuring a classic we all know and love, the ‘Home Alone’ theme tune.

For me, my favourite this year has to be Marks and Spencer’s Mrs Clause! There’s something inspiring about this advert. “Mrs Claus is the result of thousands of conversations that we had with our customers to understand what they want from M&S – which is warmth, empathy and a touch of humour presented in a modern and contemporary way", said Mr Bousquet-Chavanne from M&S.***

Whichever direction these retailers take, it is always in line with their brand messaging and values, you can almost guess instantly which brand the advert belongs to without seeing their logo.

It makes me wonder, if Enhanced created a TV advert, how would we convey our brand? As a company with strong values: Ambitious, Supportive and Efficient, maybe we’d feature Father Christmas using a CRM solution to keep track of all the children he’s visiting, and how he uses it to keep an eye on what they want for Christmas? And what they’ve received previously? Or maybe Father Christmas calling out to our super supportive technical team for advice?

One thing’s for certain, the war for winning consumer spend will never decline!

Author: Alex Major, 19 December

*** Telegraph

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