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Report and act with agile ERP solutions

Think of the massive changes that took place after the Brexit vote and American election, and those still to come in 2017. The world is in flux, so an ERP solution has never been more important, helping ensure an agile, informed response.

Many organisations already know that, in today’s dynamic and highly competitive marketplace, an ERP solution is essential to a company’s success – enhancing productivity, profitability and growth. Businesses should operate as efficiently as possible, and the key to streamlining processes is to automate routine activities.

But ERP is so much more. It offers deep insight and a holistic view of the business as a whole, enabling a cross-departmental overview. No matter how big or small your company is, multiple teams and divisions should operate as a single, cohesive unit. ERP helps you see your company as that single unit.

ERP also helps ensure that the information you receive is consistent and accurate. It’s all too easy to collect incorrect and inconsistent information across the business, particularly when databases aren’t integrated. Accessing the same information means that employees at all levels – from front line staff to senior managers and executives – can assess company performance and understand their impact on it. 

Most important of all, ERP makes reporting easier and more customisable. Think of the need for Human Resources to efficiently manage staff levels, or for Client Sales to set price structures and targets. Or the monitoring of exchange rates in Procurement, and stock control in Warehousing.

With improved monitoring and reporting capabilities, you can respond to complex requests more easily, enabling staff to run their own reports without relying on support from the IT department.

As a result, an ERP solution provides an effective platform for objective setting, and allows everyone to monitor progress towards that goal. This makes companies far more agile by helping them to quickly identify problems in the business, and take immediate corrective action. An ERP solution can also empower companies to be more responsive to shifts in the marketplace, quickly changing strategies to address fresh needs as they emerge.

This is particularly true when your marketplace is global. According to Aberdeen Group, an American technology and service company, 21% of investment decisions in the midsized market are made to help companies adapt to the global market. So with the right Midmarket ERP system, companies can scale to multiple locations and multiple companies with a single solution.*

To find out more about agile ERP solutions, contact a member of the team today. Alternitively, read our Harts of Stur case study.

Read Harts of Stur case study

Author: Mark Hallett, 23 January 2017


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