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Telemarketing has to be one of the most underestimated, and in many cases, undervalued roles in the employment market. However, I can assure you it can also be the most rewarding.

Your voice reflects you – Do you have the confidence to speak freely to anyone? Do you smile when you speak to people? It makes all the difference and your listener will want to hear more and appreciate your call.

Despite being in a digital world and as technology providers ourselves, Enhanced never underestimate the power of human interaction. A direct call enables me to build a relationship and establish if there is an opportunity quickly. Other channels of marketing are important, however they can also be quite anonymous and time consuming. A quick phone call to the right person can really help boost the sales pipeline.

Can you build a strong rapport through a conversation? This is an excellent skill to possess. How would you feel if your Sales Director or Executive comes back from a meeting and you are praised for your content, commitment and attitude? Well this could be you and the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

At present, I work part time at Enhanced and we are looking for a like-minded soul to join us in helping to expand our client base. Your hours can be flexible and suit your current life style.

Enhanced has to be the most caring, considerate and understanding employer I have worked for. To work for them makes every phone call worthwhile. So if this sounds like the sort of supportive workplace you want to join, then, as I said I love to talk!!


Author: Sue Harvey, 30 January

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