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Developing journeys that drive conversion

The word 'marketing' has become synonymous with selling stuff – some of which we don't necessarily want to hear about, let alone buy.

But marketing shouldn’t be a taboo word. Done correctly, it is both a science and an art – a sophisticated means of understanding what customers really want or need. 

To provide products and services that meet customer requirements, companies need to gather insight to understand what they genuinely desire. Marketers then need to find the most effective platform to communicate that they – and they alone – can fulfil that need.

Your website is just one of many marketing tools used to communicate your message. It can however be the most important one. The fact is, all of your other marketing activities should drive people to your website. Integrating CRM with your marketing is one way of achieving this, and can result in higher conversion rates, as well as no duplicate data and an increased awareness of customer behaviour. But you should also be collecting insight to drive communications for websites specifically, enabling you to develop the journeys that drive conversion. 

Once on your site, you need to catch your prospects eye. Many web experts talk of the 3 and 10 second rule. Prospects will tend to stay if, after 3 seconds, they deem it attractive, clearly designed and appealing. That love at first sight will evaporate after 10 seconds if they can’t find the information they seek. Get the essentials right, and you’ll have customers who deep dive, rather than skim the surface.

At Enhanced, we make visibility, measurement and conversion our mantra. To find out more, download our infographic.

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Author: Mark Hallett, 31 March

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