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3 Reasons to upgrade to Opera 3

As an Opera 2 user, you might question whether your business will benefit from upgrading to Opera 3. To help aid your decision, we have gathered the facts. 

Improved reporting

Compared to Opera 2, the reporting module has been vastly improved for Opera 3, with the following functionality being provided as standard:

Extensive new reports as standard
The improved reporting functionality enables you to perform dynamic searches, providing improved visibility and user experience.

Export reports direct to Excel
Reports can be output directly to excel at the touch of a button, where you can analyse your data using an interface you’re familiar with. Opera 3 enables you to export your report in the desired layout i.e. column width and height.

Run multiple reports
Unlike Opera 2, Opera 3 enables users to run multiple reports whilst navigating around other areas of Opera 3.

New functionality

Error correction
The Rectify Allocation Wizard is user friendly and comes as standard, it helps provide a rapid process for correcting allocation errors.

System tasks such as back-ups, Stock Period End and Posting repeat invoices can all be scheduled to run outside of working hours to avoid disruption to users and improve productivity.

VAT 100 online filing
With paper VAT returns being phased out, you can now submit your VAT return online securely and easily from Opera 3 with the Online Filing Manager, which is fully compliant with HMRC requirements.

Deployment options

Opera 3 offers a variety of deployment options, including:

  • Standard on premise
  • Subscription service
  • Cloud hosted version – Providing users access on premise and on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. Data is UK hosted in an ISO 27001 secure data centre, so you have peace of mind that your data is protected. This is a popular option which is scalable to support business growth.

Enhanced has over 20 years’ experience in delivery a variety of different software solutions and infrastructure services for small and medium sized businesses. We’re extremely proud to support over 120 Pegasus customers.

“One of the biggest benefits I hear from our customers who have upgraded to Opera 3 is the reporting directly to Excel functionality has helped to speed up there reporting process and improve efficiencies.”

Paul Warwick, Solutions Support Manager, Enhanced

“Opera 3 helps us integrate all aspects of running our business into one user friendly software package. Our experience of the software over the years has been predominantly positive, and we consider it to be a valuable business tool.”

Andrew Meredith, Director, Woodstock Plumbing & Heating Supplies Ltd

If you’re interested in finding out more about the benefits of upgrading to Opera 3, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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