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My Venus Journey so far…

Receiving the email to say I had been nominated for a Venus Award was both exciting and rewarding, I secretly couldn’t wait to shout about it! The next stage involved completing the application process, what a great opportunity to sit back and think about my time with Enhanced and my HR achievements.

I found myself pacing around the office trying to find the best way to describe myself and the impact I have had in the business, without sounding big-headed!

From completing the application to the face to face interview, I felt proud to talk about my journey and the fantastic opportunities Enhanced have given me. Not only does the Venus process recognise this but it allows like-minded women in business to engage, discuss and share their experiences.

Working autonomously in an HR role can at times be a little isolated, having Debbie Cohen from Streetwise HR as a mentor has allowed me to bounce ideas around and gain essential skills to provide strategic direction for the business. I love to learn and thrive when given a challenge, having a mentor has given me the confidence to embrace life outside my comfort zone and to participate in the Venus Awards.

I am thrilled to have been shortlisted for the semi-finalist stage of the process, I am looking forward to meeting with other HR professionals at the announcement event to share ideas and engage in a wider network within Dorset.

Author: Laura Elford, 24 August 2017

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