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Six obvious signs your business needs a CRM System in 2015

Businesses are nothing without their customers. When you started out, you could probably list your handful of clients by name, including their buying preferences, discounts they’re offered and even where they went on holiday last year. As your business grew, it became more difficult to keep track of all this information. You gained staff who each contact customers at different times.

So, where are you now? As your business continues to grow, it could be time to deploy a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. This useful software allows you to connect meaningfully with prospects and current customers, share sales information across your organisation and monitor success.

How do you know when the time is right to invest in CRM?

We’ve put together our six obvious signs that your business is in need of a CRM system to help you answer this very question.

Do any of these sound like you?

1. You’re relying on multiple sources of information

In other words: you’re disorganised!

Everyone in your office scribbles their own notes as they contact customers, making consistency almost impossible. Endless post-it notes frame computer screens and piles of illegible reminders decorate desks.

2. You’re losing touch

As your team grows and you hand over the day-to-day communication with customers, it can feel as though you’re losing control.

At any one time, you couldn’t say how each member of staff is performing and how they are interacting with your customers. You couldn’t confidently analyse whether a specific sales call has been successful or not.

3. Accurate reporting is not worth the effort

Up to date reports are essential to give meaningful insight into the performance of your business and to highlight areas for improvement.

The idea of pulling reports and getting business data from your system sounds like more hassle than it’s worth. You simply don’t have the time to filter through disparate records for the relevant information.

4. Staff struggle to communicate when out of the office

Work only gets done when your staff are in the office. They could be much more productive with up to date customer and sales information always available on their mobile device. It would also be great if you could also keep track of key business data while you’re out and about.

5. You’re lacking a personal service

It’s difficult to treat each enquiry as an individual. Your loyal customers are starting to feel undervalued and as though they’re being forgotten.

6. You’re not ready for rapid growth

You’re not sure that your current processes could cope if business suddenly took off. It would be very frustrating if you lost productivity, sales and the support of loyal customers because you were unable to deal with sudden up-scaling.

If any of these six signs could describe your business, it’s time to consider a scalable CRM solution.

Access aCloud CRM and Sugar CRM are two great options, depending on the systems you currently have in place. Each of these solutions addresses all of the issues above and more, enabling informed decisions based on to-the-minute business data. They future-proof your customer services and marketing meaning your business can reach its potential.

You may not be able to count your clients on one hand any more, or recall where each of them spent the summer, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel valued and remembered. Good business relationships make great business sense.

Find out more about Access aCloud CRM and Sugar CRM.

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