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122 miles completed... 260 to go

Enhanced team on charity bike rideJust to prove they are in France and all still in one piece. Weather so far so good and to date only one fall and one puncture.

The team, including two Director’s from Enhanced, are being kept going by their fantastic support team led by Mark Machin. Now all they need is your support to really make all their effort and training worth while. Please just hit the button and give generously to this amazingly worthwhile cause.

This year the team are cycling for the Boo charity, a cause very close to their hearts. Seeds of Hope Nyamanche is fully funded by B00. 100% of the donations given will go to this project so that Vision Africa can continue their brilliant work.

We want to help enhance their lives. Please help us support this amazing cause by donating today.

You can follow their progress here or join them on Twitter

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