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Bordeaux or bust cycling challenge

In 2012, 5 otherwise intelligent and successful businessmen cycled from Poole to Paris in 3 days. It should have been 235 miles, although in reality it was nearer 250 miles due to several wrong turns and a catastrophic failure in understanding the simple navigation system.

Enhanced with children in AfricaNow in 2013, joined by a couple of extra victims, the magnificent 7 are going to continue where they left off in Paris, and head for Bordeaux. This will be 380 miles in 4 days.

Why? All in the name of Charity.  This year the boys will be cycling for Boo Charity, an amazing cause and close to their hearts.

Russell Hicks is a good friend of ours and Sarah his late wife. In 2002 they started a charity ‘Boo’ (Sarah’s nickname) as it was one of her departing wishes to help children in Africa where she had spent time trying to overcome her cancer.

Boo are a ‘no frills’ charity, they incur no unnecessary costs which would divert money away from the children that need it most. In 2003 they formed a partnership with Vision Africa to build Boo ‘Seed of Hope’ a vocational training centre for orphaned and destitute girls in Nyamanche, Western Kenya.

This centre has now been running for 10 years providing hundreds of girls with an education and training in vocational skills, life skills, and business skills enabling them to stand on their own and be self-sufficient.

Please help us support this amazing cause by donating today http://www.justgiving.com/teams/BordeauxOrBust

Alternatively follow their progress on Twitter

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