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Enhanced celebrate launch of 20/20 Charity challenge

20-20 Launch It was a great start to a very exciting charity fund raising year ahead!

We gave ourselves a challenge to find 20 companies to help us raise £20,000 in our 20th year in business to help the worthy cause, The Boo Charity.

20 companies soon came on board each one agreeing to raise £1,000!

The Boo Charity is a charity established in the memory of Sarah ‘Boo’ Hicks. Sadly, Sarah lost her battle to cancer at the age of 36. During her last years she sought alternative treatment in Kenya where she was touched by the compassion and love shown to her. Boo’s lasting wish was to help African Children who are disadvantaged through economic poverty.

Russell Hicks, her husband, gave an excellent talk about the charity, how it has grown and the projects that they want to develop to keep Boo’s dream alive.

Simon explained just how the £20,000 would be spent. It will help build new class rooms, fund teachers and help develop extra courses. Enhanced will specifically be involved in the launch of a basic computing course, which will increase the knowledge and the business acumen of many willing pupils.

Every single penny raised will go directly to the Charity and its projects.

The response to the challenge has been amazing with further companies wanting to become involved.

The atmosphere of the evening was extremely positive and fund raising ideas were exchanged many will certainly be a great challenge.

Sincere thanks to all those who are on board. Let’s see just how much we can raise in our 20th year!!

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