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Kenyan kids waiting to meet Simon

Nyamache Centre Managing Director Simon White is preparing for a trip to Kenya next week. He is visiting the country as part of an initiative from the Boo Charity.

The Boo Charity is a charity established in the memory of founder Russell Hicks’ wife, Sarah, affectionately nicknamed ‘Boo’. Sarah sadly lost her battle to cancer at the age of 36. During her last years she sought alternative treatment in Kenya where she was touched by the compassion and love shown to her. Boo’s lasting wish was to help African children and young adults who are disadvantaged through economic poverty.

The Boo 20/20 challenge was set up by Enhanced to celebrate their 20 years in business. The challenge is to have 20 of their clients help them raise £20,000 by raising £1,000 each. Already, there has been a great response and Enhanced have over 20 companies on board.

As part of the Boo 20/20 challenge, Simon will be visiting a number of children’s homes, nurseries and schools. This will include the Boo funded Nyamache ‘Seed of Hope’ centre.

He will also be meeting the founders of Vision Africa, Reverend and Mrs Packard, and Rosebella, a former ‘Seed of Hope’ student who went on to start up a clothing business in Nairobi.

Simon begins his trip on Tuesday 25th March and will return six days later. He plans to stick to an itinerary which will see him spend a full day at the Nyamache school.

This will enable him to see for himself what life is like for Kenyan children and how much impact the Boo Charity has already had.

"It gives me a good opportunity to see first-hand exactly what has been achieved so far and how our fundraising can help to continue to build and expand on the facilities available."

Enhanced are planning to use the money raised in the 20/20 initiative to help build new classrooms, fund teachers and help develop courses, including a basic computing course that Enhanced will be heavily involved with.

“I think the trip will be a very humbling experience,” said Simon. “I’ve heard so much about the good work that’s been done over there and can’t wait to see for myself!”

If you’re interested in supporting this cause, visit the Boo Charity website.

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