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The Boo Riders successfully complete their challenge

Boo Charity supporters successfully completed an over a 400 mile journey through France. The 18 money-raising cyclists, including Enhanced’s own Simon White and Jeremy Gill, cycled the 425 miles from Perpignan to Monaco over a course of four days, reaching heights of around 18,000 feet.

The final day of the ride provided the group with some treacherous weather conditions. Reports have estimated that the French Riviera received 10% of annual rainfall in one day.  Each member of the team bravely overcame the conditions and the group made it to the final destination of the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco. The BBC weather report can be seen here



This ride was part of a journey which started with just four friends in 2012, the group has expanded by 14 and they have made it from Poole to Monaco in the last 3 years.

The target is to raise enough money to support 400 new children in our projects and enable them to receive food and clean water on a daily basis along with the gift of education. To help the team reach this goal, please visit the team sponsorship page.

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