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Enhanced and Urban Guild hookup

Enhanced and Urban Guild are featured in the November issue of The Business Magazine, discussing the launch of the 'Hug Club' for the Guild. 

The Urban Guild family of venues in Bournemouth and Poole includes two restaurants, a hotel and a cafe. Urban Reef and Jenkins & Sons restaurants, Urban Beach Hotel and Urban Renaissance cafe welcome thousands of holiday makers in the summer when the beaches are busy and the town is buzzing. Like a lot of hospitality businesses the group are always looking at ways to protect revenue through the quieter months.

Urban Guild and Enhanced have worked in partnership to launch a loyalty club for the Guild, which has already delivered greater customer insight and allowed the business to reward customers for repeat business. Since the launch of the Hug Club they have been looking at ways to grow their audience and get more loyal visitors to dine out or stay with them through the winter months.

The solution conceptualised by Mark Cribb, owner of the Urban Guild and engineered by Enhanced was to build a bespoke wi-fi login system to capture name and e-mail address of diners and guests directly into the portal. In the eight weeks since launch of this system the audience data has grown by 15% allowing the Guild to build a profile for these people and get to know their habits and how often they are likely to visit and important dates, like birthdays and anniversaries.

As the autumn and winter ‘shoulder months’ arrive outside of tourist season the Guild are in a great position to serve tailored offers to their customers to help fill quieter days of the week and earlier booking slots in an evening. 2for1 meals on a Monday and Bring Your Own Wine Tuesdays are examples of these.

With Christmas party season approaching, Urban are using the portal to target specific segments of their audience and send e-mails with details of Christmas party packages to those that have booked corporate events in the past. Better targeting is resulting in an increase in enquiries.

‘The CRM system is great and now through the addition of wi-fi hookup in the restaurants we’ve added thousands of extra contacts to our database. Once they’re added we can get to know them more, which days of the week they come out, which offers they prefer and key dates that they might come out and celebrate with us. That’s all stored in the system. It means the offers we send to them are relevant and delivered at the right time, it’s a marketers dream!’ said Matt Lawrence, Marketing Manager, Urban Guild.

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